Former Players Speak Up on Allegations (Updated 4/27 6:17 pm)


A great report by John (Jake) Pledger of Owl Radio! I can tell you guys that I’ve personally spoken with many many many people around the program and what is in Pledger’s report is consistent with what I’ve heard!

The MDJ has picked it up and KSU has issued a statement, saying they will look into this further. 

Monday’s update (4/27/15)

  • Since the beginning of March, I’ve spoken with 15 players (13 players and 2 parents of others players) who were not happy with how they were treated (to put it kindly). Many have lost their love for the game and have received or needed therapy or counseling. Everything I’ve heard from speaking with players has been very very consistent. I also have heard through various sources, that at the very minimum, five players that I did not speak with were allegedly treated poorly as well.
  • Williams is the women’s basketball program administrator. His duties are basically to keep a close eye on the programs and to monitor and advise. The fact that this went on under his watch…terrible. Would you let your daughter come to Kennesaw State? 
  • Look for lawyers to get involved soon. I don’t mean Lawyer Milloy, who won a Super Bowl with New England. Wow guys, I think I just stumbled onto something!! Vaughn Williams LOVES the New England area and Williams played safety at Massachusetts, which is where Gillette Stadium is! I think we’ve found our next head football coach! But seriously, lawyers. 
  • I heard that the athletics department recorded the audio of a radio show which aired on March 23rd, the day Jimmy Lallathin was fired. On the show Owl Radio read off some of the allegations against Coach Perry, and one week later, John Pledger of Owl Radio contacted the department and did not get a response when asking for a statement or interview from Williams and/or Nitra Perry. 
  • Local news affiliates are going after people for interviews. There’s also a lot of other (and bigger) stuff that I know but can’t mention, but this is about to go booooooom! Just wait until a couple of these stories get out, your jaws will drop. 
  • Is there a widget where I can put a Nitra Perry reassignment countdown clock on my page? Why is she still around the student athletes when this is happening? The players are already scared of retaliation, they don’t need it any worse. She needs to be suspended pending an investigation and that goes for both of the assistants as well. (Suspended pending an investigation is code for reassigned). 
  • KSU likely released the Skinner news on Sunday instead of today to drown out the talk of the allegations. Good luck when the next wave hits! 
  • I’m looking forward to the press conference tomorrow to announce Skinner. Since the athletics department is inept in public relations, I’ll have some fun and take a guess to how tomorrow might be handled. My first prediction is that it will be cancelled and they will let the media do a giant conference call with him, or Williams will make somebody else do the presser for him. If the press conference still happens, watch for Williams to open with a statement saying he will not talk about any other coaches but Skinner. If addressed with tough questions, a solution might be to keep a boombox next to the table, hit the switch, stand on the table, clap his hands and sing the fight song until everybody leaves. 

UPDATE: People are starting to speak up and following Mosely’s lead.

Former KSU player Bria Young

Former Reinhardt and KSU player Carmen Lockhart

Former KSU player Elaina Gray

Former player Ty-Nita Baker has spoken up (too many Tweets to post, but I will post the most powerful ones. Click here to see the rest).

Read Ty-Nita’s Tweets starting from the bottom Tweet to the top Tweet.

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