KSU Hoops past and present!
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By KingOwl
We are dropping rapidly in all the rankings. Luckily Chicago State is going to be tough to catch.

I'm at least happy we were competitive vs. Liberty for 10-15 mins..
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By KingOwl
Halfway through conf...

In our 20 losses...

-18 losses by 10+
-Down 10+ w/ under 2 mins left in all
-Trailed by 13+ in all
-Trailed by 45+ in 2
-Trailed by 35-39 in 6
-Trailed by 30-34 in 2
-Trailed by 25-29 in 3
-Trailed by 20-24 in 3
-Trailed by 15-19 in 3
-Trailed by 13 in 1
By bb_fan
As promised, with the season halfway done, here is my pick for the most likely KSU victory this season.

The law of large numbers states that sometime over the next 8 games the Owls will probably have a game where
their shots drop (kinda like flipping a coin and getting heads 10 times in a row) and their opponents don't. This game could be against anyone -- even Liberty.

It's also possible that as conference tournament seedings become locked in, that someone will rest their starters and send out the second string against the Owls.

However, this years team loses conference games by an average of 19 ppg. Next worse is Lipscomb who loses each game by an average of 3 ppg.

So I'm going to say this team is so bad that it will repeal the law of large numbers, and will not win another game this year.

But all that aside what team do the Owls have the best shot to win?

The obvious (at least to me) is FGCU and as a numbers guy is what I should say. (Lipscomb is also a contender).

But I'm not going there.

There is a team that has not swept the Owls since 2013. There is a team that finished last in the conference last year and hired a new coach -- just as KSU did which finished next to last. That team obviously made a better hire. If we lose to that team in the rematch it will be a tremendous embarrassment to the University, the AD, and the Head Coach. So I say we go all out in the rematch -- and the team we're most likely to beat -- is...

By bb_fan
bb_fan wrote:
Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:17 pm
On the bright side...

We scored more than 40 points.
We weren't doubled up.
It wasn't our worst loss of the year.
I can just cut and paste my comments after the Liberty game and use those again tonight. :(

45-83 followed by 45-86.

We've finally achieved consistency.
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By WingMan
The first half was maybe the second worst half of the year - the worst was the first half against FGCU

I am seeing no improvement - very discouraging.