KSU Hoops past and present!
By bb_fan
I agree. We've looked soooo bad Reinhardt is coming in overconfident.

Massey says 88-63. But he also says that if we played Reinhardt 33 times they would win once. Will Monday be the one?
By bb_fan
Here's some context...North Florida beat Georgia Southern 80-77.

Georgia Southern beat Reinhardt 109-55.

KSU "should" win by 40. Anything less than 30 would be an embarrassment.
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By WingMan
AAR seems more willing to go deep into the bench than Skinner did. I think it’s a good idea to get more players minutes as there will be times during the season when they are needed.

I hope we will see Ugo and John Ogwuche (does anyone know his status?). I also want to see more from Bobby Miller who had a nice game in Macon.
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By CobbFC09
Still think it’s weird to have this exhibition game after having played three regular season games. Must’ve been some kind of scheduling issue.
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By KingOwl
The only thing I can think of as to why they are having the exhibition now, is so theres not over a month between home games.

It's ridiculous and pointless
By bb_fan
After getting all they could handle from Clayton State and Oglethorpe last year -- and there are plenty of other examples -- I think they wanted to avoid any possibility of an embarrassing home loss in AAR's first game. KSU could have easily gotten someone to play that first weekend.
By bb_fan
Reinhardt also has a new head coach this year. Here is his philosophy:

That system is built around time of possession and defense.

Newton said his teams are patient and deliberate on offense, but he will bring the same aggressive defensive philosophy that allowed his team at Andrew to finish second in the GCAA this past season in defensive field goal percentage and points allowed per game.

“We’re going to press for 40 minutes,” Newton said. “Up 20 or down 20, we’re going to press, and it’s all man-to-man. We’re not wild with it, but we do pick up full-court pressure. We’re going to play a lot of guys and try to wear teams down. We don’t want to give up anything easy.”

Comment: I love to watch full court pressure basketball. But...things can get ugly in a hurry when a bad team presses a good team for the bad team. Hooker has shown he is a really good point guard against overmatched D2 and NAIA competition -- tough to guard speed -- and I look for him to have a big game.