KSU football is here! Discuss anything pigskin related.
Looking forward to being back at the Bank!

I am really glad I took the opportunity to go to Presbyterian last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the way our boys played last week...best they've looked and sounded all season. Another week in the rain, another week to do what we do best...pound and ground!

Yes, Issac's injury was unfortunate. When he went down, the stadium was SILENT (now, there were more Owl Faithful there than Blue Hose fans AND it was their Homecoming). The play happened on the home sideline and we could hear the chatter from behind the Owls bench in the stands. Thankful for a clean break and he is set up for a smooth recovery. It could have been a lot worse!

In case anyone missed Coach Bo's press conference this week, here ya go: https://youtu.be/Cykdb8OEHJ8
Of note from his presser, we've got a flu-like bug going around...12 players missed practice Tuesday and they expected more Wednesday...only time will tell who (if any) are affected come game day.

As always, we'd love to have any of y'all come by and visit at The Hoot House...Black Lot...on the corner entrance at Big Shanty...this week's theme is HalloWings...and we'll be broadcasting College GameDay considering they'll be live from an FCS school as #3 South Dakota State hosts #1 North Dakota State.

One last thing...we have been blessed to enjoy our passions. We always try to be a blessing to others...this weekend MUST Ministries is hosting a Children's Clothing Drive and The Hoot House is an official drop-off location. If any one has anything they'd like to donate, simply bring it by and we'll deliver. Flyer attached. Thanks!

We're not going to let the rain dampen our spirits! Hooty Hoo!

I'm a bit worried. On paper, we should steamroll a team that lost to Charleston Southern. But this has the makings of a trap game, with the showdown against Monmouth looming.

First we lost our best playmaker, and now we've had the flu pass through the team. Gonna be hard to be focused for this game. Hopefully, I'm just worrying too much, and we go out there and take care of business like we should.
With Foster out, it's time for Shaq Terry to step up on special teams and Bronson Rechsteiner to continue to deliver explosive plays on the ground. Weather looks nasty, so avoiding turnovers will be very important. I anticipate the play calling will resemble the Chandler Burks-era offense: lots of runs up the gut and spread option laterals. Hopefully the guys who caught the flu bug have recovered so our sideline remains deep.
Still looking lost and confused against the pass. Good play by Markeith at the end. But it's very concerning that QBs keep having career games against us. Tackling continues to be an issue too.

On offense, well, hats off to the guys who stepped up with Foster out. Great effort. And to Daniel David for gutting it out despite the hits he'd taken. We finally got to see Murphy, and he didn't disappoint. Our offense is going to be very exciting over the next few years.
I thought we did pretty well defenselessly overall considering the circumstances. We were missing a few starters on that end due to the flu bug, we prepped for one quarterback and got a completely different one and they threw everything at us including the kitchen sink. We adjusted and shut em out the second half. We did miss some tackles though. I'd like to see that improved on against Monmouth.
defense has not played a game with all eleven starters on field. playing spreads with what I deem weak corners in zone makes it tough. need more pressure but these dual threat QBs can get out if not careful versus blitzing. I do think halftime adjustments were good on defense. Real test is this weekend as Monmouth looks to be dynamic on offense.