KSU Hoops past and present!
By bb_fan
lets get this out of the way. :)

temple went 3-0 on their bahamas exhibition trip.

some guy named monty scott played between 21-24 minutes per game and averaged 9.3 ppg, shooting 38% from the field (10/26) and 25% from 3 (3/12 -- 1/4 every game). 13 assists vs 5 turnovers.

go owls!
By bb_fan
finally got around to purchasing my season ticket.

i was afraid i might get shut out -- the deadline for renewal had passed -- but luckily there were seats available. even got my regular seat on the aisle on the 2nd row. don't know if the ticket office held them for me (thanks KSU!) or if no one wanted them.
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By bb_fan
whoever put together this years schedule needs find a new line of work.

our FIRST game (no preseason exhibition) is tuesday november 5 at creighton.

creighton had the foresight to schedule an exhibition game against a D2 opponent on friday november 1. they also had a 3 game exhibition series in australia in august, going 2-1.

our first exhibition and home game is the 4th game of the season on a monday night against NAIA reinhardt. KSU SHOULD HAVE also scheduled an exhibition on friday november 1 or saturday november 2 and made a big deal of it given the "new direction" the program is taking with the coaching change. instead we probably limp home 0-3 and open the season at home on a week night. missed opportunity. again.
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By WingMan
bb_fan wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:01 pm
finally got around to purchasing my season ticket.

i was afraid i might get shut out -- the deadline for renewal had passed -- but luckily there were seats available. even got my regular seat on the aisle on the 2nd row. don't know if the ticket office held them for me (thanks KSU!) or if no one wanted them.
I too, renewed my season ticket, by some miracle as the deadline had passed.

I guess there is somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,798 seats open at this point.

Go Owls!
By bb_fan
season ticket floor seats $362.

availability depends on how many points ya got -- so pony up and make that "contribution" if ya wanna get in on the action.
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By WingMan
It’s early October and time to start talking about hoops. A lot has changed for the Owls in the offseason. Amir Abdur-Rahim was named the new head coach. Henceforth I will call him AAR or Coach Amir to conserve keystrokes.

In typical Owls Athletics fashion, it took way too long to close the deal with AAR, while rumors of other qualified candidates ebbed and flowed for weeks. Coach Amir is known as a recruiter and he and his new staff went right to work in that regard, landing several promising players for this season and well as filling the cupboard for the 2020-21 campaign with some highly regarded recruits.

I am sure AAR feels pressure to succeed quickly, the average tenure of the last 3 KSU head coaches was 2.67 season, and that does not include interim head coach Michael Cotton who presided over one game.

Coach Amir has stated he will bring an up-tempo style to the team and it seems that the player he is bringing in will be able to execute on that strategy. I am expecting a more entertaining product in year one, with a modest improvement in results over last year. It will take another 1-3 years to see how well AAR can execute on his plans and possibly turn the program into a winner.
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By WingMan
Here is a quick rundown on the players for 2019-20

It is expected that after a coaching change, higher than normal player turnover follows. The players from last year’s team that won’t be returning are:

Graduated: Kosta Jankovic and Kyle Clarke

Left or otherwise removed from the roster after AAR took over: Isaac Mbuyamba, Bobby Parker, Markus Smith (walk-on)
These changes have left some room of the roster for newly recruited players.

Guards who could see a lot of minutes in 2019-20:
Tyler Hooker (pre-season all ASUN selection)
Danny Lewis
Jamie Lewis (mid-season transfer signed by Skinner, should be eligible in December)
Terrell Burden (under the radar freshman who has a ton of potential)
John Ogwuche (senior transfer who played 3 seasons at D1 U of New Hampshire)

The rest of the guards:
Glenn Robinson (transfer from Coastal Alabama Community College)
CJ Washington (played in 7 games last year before suffering a season-ending injury)
Adili Kuerban

Forwards who could be regular players:
Bryson Lockley
Ugo Obineke
Antonio Spencer
Armani Harris (freshman)

The rest of the forwards:
Pietro Agostini
Drew Romish (walk-on)
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KSU Owl Howl
Did y’all hear that on October 18th? If not you should have listened to the KSU athletic department from 7pm to about 9pm on that day. I know I did. That sound was tears of regret falling from the faces of the individuals in that department for not hiring Mike Helfer. If you didnt notice Valdosta State played Georgia on October 18th. Not only did they play Georgia, but they damn near beat them on their own floor. They started off leading Georgia 19-7 and were only down 5 at half. On top of that they only lost by 12 to a team in the SEC. Let’s do a little history lesson on Helfer and VSU. He won his conference for a 3rd year in a row, been to the NCAA tourney 3 years in a row as both a tournament champ and at an at large bid, but you’d assume he’d probably have a down year because did he lose 7 seniors right? No he took his squad into Athens and not only competed with a school out of the SEC, but had a great opportunity beat them on their home floor. And the only reason they didn’t beat Georgia was because they didn’t have enough 4 and 5 starts on his D2 squad to compete with Georgia’s 1 5 star 4 4 stars and 2 3 stars. So what am I trying to get at is THAT MAN CAN COACH! Our Owls play Creighton to start the year off and only by the graces of God and every Saint in heaven will we have a chance to keep that game within 20. I hope the fans, boosters, athletic department, and anyone with KSU in their best interest all do a little reflection this week on who we could have had to lead our team.
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By WingMan
Sounds like a strong performance by VSU. At the time of the coaching search, I thought Mike Helfer was a very good candidate, but I don't get to vote on it.

AAR has done some strong recruiting out of the gate. We will have to wait a couple of years to see how it works out. Too bad we can't run a controlled experiment with each coach and see how each would have done with the exact same conditions. We will never truly know who was the best choice for that job at that time. AAR is positioning himself for success so far, but much remains to be seen.
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By WingMan
How will the Owls do this year on the hardwoods? Your guess is as good as mine.

While AAR is demonstrating strength as a recruiter, there are many other aspects to coaching, among them motivating the players, developing game plans, making in-game adjustments and improving individual skill sets that have yet to be seen.

As a fan, I will take a patient approach. Given the changes in personnel and coaching, if we get in the neighborhood of 6 Division I wins, which is the average of the last 2 seasons, I would not be upset. Of course, there is a upside. If the new talent and coaching can find a way to put more of those competitive games into the W column, the Owls could fare better than the last 2 campaigns.

Given how the recruiting looks for the fall of 2020 and beyond, the best days of Owls basketball may be ahead of us. AAR is positioning the Owls for a possible breakout season in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of his tenure. Stay tuned.