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By BurialGround
And that's a wrap. The Owls take the regular season title. Jax falls to Upstate, and the Owls take an impressive 7-2 win in game one against FGCU. Almost an unbelievable turnaround after how we started the season.
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By WingMan
Glad to clinch it before the last game. We can rest some arms before the tourney and we get a bye in the first round. The most surprising thing was getting some help from upstate.

My bad no first round bye in the tourney. But we do get #6 Stetson in the first game
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By corn_3024
I'm not stunned that Jacksonville fell. They almost fell one game last week. Its hard to play with no margin of error in baseball.

March was a disaster, but the team did a great job fixing the issues defensively and finding enough arms to be effective. UNF is my biggest concern going into the tournament.
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By BurialGround
We let Mason take the start and had a few of our big bats out of the lineup, but the Owls cruise to another impressive win over FGCU, 7-1. This is our first ever series victory over FGCU, and hopefully we can really stick it to them tomorrow by taking the sweep.
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By KingOwl
Too bad the basketball team couldn't take 2 of 3 from FGCU :(. Too soon?

I think Friese was set to start but the rain delay made it Ward. I'd like to see Erwin DH tomorrow.
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By BurialGround
Looks like you got your wish, Erwin at DH. It looks like we're gonna go for the sweep, with most of the big bats back in the lineup. Already 3-0 Owls in the first.
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By KingOwl
I wouldn't say most of the big bats were in the lineup...resting half and half yesterday and today. I'm surprised Howell got the start. I'd like to see Pharr PH and play some D before this one is over.
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By BurialGround
We play 6th seeded Stetson on Wednesday. They beat us with Erwin on the mound last weekend, though we left the bases juiced like 3 times in that game and could've definitely won. Do we go with Chris again, or do we go with Gabe or AJ, both of whom had somewhat more successful outings against the Hatters?

I'm thinking we go with Chris and continue doing what we've been doing, but this could be a very interesting matchup.
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