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By corn_3024
The month of March was just a terrible stretch. RPI is gone from that month alone.. time to buckle down and get the win for this series.
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By BurialGround
The Owls win 13-8 in game 3 to take the series. Huge win. We still have Stetson and FGCU to go, so we haven't wrapped anything up yet, but you gotta like our chances of taking the 1 seed now.
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By WingMan
Before this week, the Owls were 3 wins and 10 losses in mid-week games. The wins against GA State and Auburn are showing that our pitching has gotten better deep into the rotation. We will need these arms for the tournaments. The team continues to gain confidence, things are coming together.
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By KingOwl
We basically pieced it together tonight. I still think the pitching recruiting needs to improve...too many total misses on the roster and not enough high upside guys.
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By BurialGround
I was really really hoping we'd take that first game against Stetson, but nothing seemed to go right for us. The offense completely floundered with bases loaded, and two huge errors cost us big. The offense is going to have to come up with the big hits over the next two days. J'ville leads NJIT 1-0 now as well, so after today we might be down to a one game lead.
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By WingMan
Since taking the Stetson series the Owls can finish no lower than a 3 seed by my math. I also believe we win all tiebreakers.

In the last series against FGCU if the owls
Win 1 games they will clinch a 2 seed
Win 2 games they will be the top seed

If the owls win no more games they can still get a 1 or 2 seed with a little help from Upstate or NJIT which is not likely.
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