Discuss the goings on around Stillwell Stadium
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By BurialGround
Well, the bottom of the order simply didn't know how to handle that junkballer UL had as their starter. Too many strikeouts on balls in the dirt with RISP. Hits were even at 11 apiece. Great season though, and it was awesome to see the Owls get this far.
By adamsputnik
This was one they could have easily won, but hard to argue with how great a season the Owls have had here. Hopefully this will be a shot in the arm for the program and we can head for even greater heights.
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By WingMan
Well it's been a great time to be an Owls fan. Exciting games, excellent play, and we got noticed on a national stage. I am sad its over, but glad our University was so well represented.

Most of these guys will be back next year and, of course this helps recruiting in a big way. We have a lot to look forward to.

I am prouder than ever to be an Owls Fan!