Discuss the goings on around Stillwell Stadium
By adamsputnik
Great stuff Owls! Deserved to get through, and boy are they running hot. Louisville has its hands full.
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By WingMan
Wow, what a weekend of intense competition. This team sure has given the Owls' faithful a lot to cheer about. The excitement, tension and suspense of these games has been unreal.

Besides the outcome of the games, I am particularly proud of this group of young men who are exhibiting remarkable poise, unselfishness, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, character, resilience and respect while being in the spotlight. There are representing themselves, their team, their University, and the state of Georgia admirably.

It is not surprising that Mike Sansing has already won 2 championships. He is a man who uses no unnecessary words but clearly conveys his wisdom to the players. The team seems to feed off his calm demeanor and even temperament.

There is no limit to where this team can go..... next stop Louisville!