Discuss the goings on around Stillwell Stadium
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By HootyWho
KingOwl wrote:Another big win vs. Tech

Hate that it had to be against my childhood team, but love it. Can we go ahead and beat the rest of the Georgia schools real quick so we can officially say we're the best in GA?
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By KingOwl
Wish we didn't lose to Savannah State. Would have crushed them if Friese didn't go on short rest.

Mercer is about 9-0 right now...even if their competition isn't the best that's impressive. I'm looking forward to the Georgia St. game on Tuesday....I should be there.
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By WingMan
I was listening to sports radio 92.9 The Game about 5 PM today and the KSU Owls baseball team got some love for their wins against Georgia, Georgia Tech and Georgia State. Also the KSU football program got mention too.

On that station they spend the vast majority of their time talking about the NFL and SEC football, so I was happy to hear a little Owl News on the radio.

I hope the Atlanta Metro Sports Media in general begins to pay more attention to Owls Athletics.
By ENC_Owl
What's the chance KSU Baseball makes it to the NCAA's? And is there any TV coverage for the Conference tournament?