Discuss the goings on around Stillwell Stadium
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By BurialGround
Owls win 2-1, going into the championship game against Lipscomb or FGCU. Hopefully the championship round goes better for us than it did the last couple of years. Go Owls!!
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By WingMan
And then there were 2.....

KSU and Lipscomb for the Championship on Sunday. KSU is 3-0 and LU is 3-1 in the tourney

Reasons the Owls will win:

Owls need to win 1 game to take the championship, Lipscomb needs to win 2.
Lipscomb played 1 more game in the tournament than the Owls, including 2 games on Fri.
Owls pitching staff is better rested (props to freshman Gabe Friese who pitched 8 innings in today's' win)
Owls have tremendous momentum coming into the game winning a bunch of (I lost count) conference games in a row
Owls are simply a better team