Discuss the goings on around Stillwell Stadium
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By KingOwl
Weather permitting, Jordan Hillyer will take the mound for the opener. Good competition to open the year at home!
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By KingOwl
Inexperienced but a lot of potential. Expecting a lot from Jordan Hillyer and Travis Bergen this year. Bergen might be the Owls best arm but Hillyer gets opening day, possibly due to the composition of the MTSU order. Also, starter Chris Erwin was picked by some as the best freshman in the league.
Connell and McCalvin are solid in the pen...Austin might get a bigger role, but we'll see. Need to see who steps up!
It's actually kind of strange that starting pitching is the question mark. In most years, it's either hitting or the bullpen. I think this might be a good sign though. As far back as I can remember, Mike Sansing always finds a true #1 arm and finds a couple of other "more than serviceable" SP arms even when nobody thought we had much in that department. It's good to see that we're about to find out. We've finally made it to a sport that we win at lol! MTSU swept us last year iirc, so let's get at 'em!
Good point burial ground. Like it's strange to see the Braves with better hitting than pitching. Question marks is a good way of putting it, because I don't think it's fair to say which is better at this point. I have no idea what to expect out of so many arms because they are unproven...especially since Solomon and Moore are done for the year.
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By WingMan
per ksuowls.com Friday's game has been postponed

"Fans waiting for the official start of the 2014 Kennesaw State baseball season will have to wait just one more day as the Friday, Feb. 14 season opener has been postponed to Saturday.

The Owls and Middle Tennessee will now play a scheduled doubleheader on Saturday starting at noon ET with Sunday's series finale taking place as scheduled at 1 p.m. ET."
Dang, we just beat UGA 10-7! We are averaging nearly 11 runs a game! We got some sticks!

I hope the Braves get some of these guys to help their offense (please wait until after graduation).
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By KingOwl
Good win over UGA! 3-1 on the year and should probably be 4-0. Need to tighten up a bit defensively but overall, a good start. This is a tough stretch of the season because the pitching staff is young and unproven, and Jacob Moore and Will Solomon are not there to help.