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Kennesaw State football has grown exponentially into an FCS powerhouse over the last few seasons. Maybe it's time to leave to the FBS. While the university perhaps needs more seating at the stadium, it's enrollment numbers and alumni numbers are more comparable to FBS teams. It would be a great opportunity for Kennesaw State to participate in Bowl Games. I'd like to hear thoughts.
By bb_fan
Lets start off with obvious. From the KSU website, the Owls stadium has a capacity of 8,300. Record attendance for a game is 9,506.

NCAA requires an average attendance of 15,000 once every two years. So not only do the Owls have to build out the stadium, they then need to figure out a way to get butts in the seats.

There are other issues but I'll let y'all discuss those. I think KSU is fine just where they are.
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By BlackandGoldOwl
The attendance just isn't there. The school has a number of set backs, most of which are self inflected. The team is doing what it should, win. If the administration can get their act together it will bring out more people. Only then when the stadium is full for every game should they consider moving to FBS. Until then, I want to see them dominate the FCS.
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By EveryTimeIDom
We're just fine in FCS. Yes, we've enjoyed amazing results for a young program but I'd rather continue to progress the right way by focusing on developing a winning culture first (a la App State/Georgia Southern), rather than putting the jump to FBS ahead of all else (a la Georgia State). We have a long way to go on that front, but we're certainly headed in the right direction.
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By superfan
that jump takes a lot of money. attendance is not where it should be. better to stay down and continue to build program and following to much better levels.
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By jjohnson335
I think we could be successful in the FBS. If Liberty can do it, we definitely can. But, we need to expand the stadium regardless. I love going to games, but, it is kind of silly when you look at our stadium for the caliber of team that we have. We need to expand it to 15,000 and make it look like a football stadium suitable for a powerhouse. I believe if we have a stadium that feels like a football stadium, more people will come to games and we will get even better athletes. Shoot, coastal Carolina made the jump after not being incredibly good in the FCS but had a like 8,000 seat stadium and expanded to 20,000. There are ways you can make the jump you just have to try. I believe if KSU puts the effort in and ever wants to have a football program at the level that it should be for the school that it is, they need to move out of the FCS. FBS is where the money is
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By jjohnson335
Not to mention, if we are in the FBS we will play better named teams which is what people want to come watch. The FBS is the way we will grow our program faster