KSU football is here! Discuss anything pigskin related.
Surprised there's a not a thread up already, so here we go. Rematch of the Owls second round matchup last year. Certainly a winnable game, but Wofford should be better than last season so it'll be tough. Looking through their schedule, they've just played two good rushing attacks in The Citadel and Furman so that doesn't bode too well.

Game was originally slated for a 1:00pm kickoff, but that's now been changed to 4:00pm. Guessing it's because the Clemson/South Carolina is schedule to kickoff at noon.

Due to a prior commitment (UGA/GT game in Atlanta), I won't be able to attend, but here's to hoping others will be able to make the 2.5 hour drive up to support the Owls.
We better have those pads popping this week in practice. Wofford is gonna want nothing more than to physically hand us our @$$ and run us off the field as payback for last year's playoffs. The defense better be ready to play some grown-man football. We need to remember how to hit hard and wrap up.

The defensive staff should be able to game-plan for the TO. If they can't, then that's bad news going forward. I'll puke if we show up in a soft zone with the CBs lined up 10 yards off the ball. I've been hard on the D this season, please make me eat my words.

The offense is looking better with the QB switch, but the loss of Foster is still huge. We'll just have to see what happens there.

Overall, I like the matchup because both teams are so familiar with each other's offenses, and that should even things out quite a bit (like it did last year). I was worried we'd draw a pass-heavy team.. At the very least, we shouldn't be embarrassed (hopefully). It'd be a bad look to the committee in future years if we get blown out. I don't think we will, but Wofford would be the safe pick in this one. The D has gotta show up.

On another note, Monmouth drew Patriot League champion Holy Cross for their first-round matchup. It's probably the easiest draw in the tournament, and one that should be very winnable for them. This is good news for the Big South, and it would be big for the conference to get at least one win this post-season.
Not sure how good they are. SOCON was not that strong this year. They did not play well early in year but appear to have got going of late. They do not throw a lot. Like to run the ball. They used to run option out of gun, but I am told they do not use that as much. The burkes kid will certainly know the offense. both sides of ball need to execute. Cant be sloppy like yesterday, even though conditions were not good.
If I wasn't going to be in Tampa for Thanksgiving I would be making the trip to Spartanburg. I'll have to settle for watching the game on my phone while attempting not to yell like an insane person in front of the in-laws :)

I think Wofford is a relatively good draw for us and I agree with others about how this game will likely be close due to the similarities on offense. Time of possession will be huge; the team that wears down the others' defense first will win this one. My eyes will be on Rechsteiner whose important task will be supplying the bruising runs that have the potential to quickly wear down Wofford's D-line.

As I've stated before, I'm not at all confident in our chances of getting far this playoff season due to our (somewhat understandably) inconsistent play, but on the bright side, our offense and defense both have the potential to step up and make life difficult for Wofford.

The winner will be playing Weber State, so quite the trip! Their only losses came against FBS teams SDSU and Nevada (both one-score games), and a very strong FCS team in Montana (whose final ranking took a hit at the end of the season with their loss to Montana State). Not to get ahead of ourselves, but even if we take care of Wofford, that's quite the tall order. Then again, not many thought we'd beat JSU (who was also a 3 seed) a couple years ago!