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Come on guys.. let’s not make this into the typical Internet chat room where everyone fights with everyone haha. Look, this was a weird season for a lot of reasons especially scheduling wise. We had one team but it’s way out of playing us and another drop us for a later year. We had to fill in gaps at the last minute and make due. It is what it is and we cannot help that. Secondly, let us remember that, we are way ahead of where we thought we would be preseason. Losing our entire defensive staff with the exception of a couple couches, and our entire offense. I believe finishing 10-2 playoff trip or not, is a successful season and answers the question of whether that first class was a fluke and if we have any sustainability. I really think the future is bright for us and the rest of the FCS and the establishment whose teams have been around for a century and have not done jack, better get used to Kennesaw being a national championship contender every year.
You're right, but I'd like to half-seriously say that this board could use some heat. It's been dead all season.

For sure, coming into this season, 10 wins sounded like it would be a huge success. Keep in mind that we're arguably playing our weakest schedule since year one though.

We took care of business today. It should be hard to complain about a 42-14 win, but GWU is that bad, and we still have a lot of things to clean up. But there's no denying that a 10-win season is a huge accomplishment.

Looking at the playoff bubble, we got some of the help we needed with a few teams getting knocked off the bubble. We'll likely get in due to the success of the past two years, but it'll be a razor-thin decision. There could easily be an argument made that SC State deserves the last spot over us due to beating SoCon champ Wofford. We'll just have to wait and see.
Yeah, the schedule does suck. But this is the first time we had to scrape together a schedule since season one. It sucks, but it is what it is. Our schedule next season is looking really good. Also, That is interesting that you mentioned playing more press man. I agree with that. The first quarter of the Monmouth game, we were playing man coverage and they had no answer, but from the second quarter on, we moved to the stupid zone that gets picked apart by any half decent quarterback who can throw quick screens and slants
the spread is hard to defend with zone. It has changed the game a great deal. Always helps to spread out. Looking at the year on offense, the owls seem to get bigger plays when they spread the ends out. just opens up the inside veers more. Man coverage has its challenges as you can give up a big play but seems to be the way to go. One big worry with man coverage is the dual threat QB getting out of pocket. Rest of D has to stay disciplined. I looked at ranking last week. Can't remember the poll but we were 16. Out of the 15 ahead, 9 were auto bids. That left six teams ahead of us for at large. I know they may not use that kind of logic, but unless they give at large bids to teams with 3-4 conference losses, seems improbable we don't get in. finding 8 more deserving teams ranked behind us seems unlikely. guess we will find out at 12:30.
Yeah that is always a big risk you take sense the D-backs will have their backs turned to the qb, so when he runs they do it see it right away. However, I believe that our line and linebackers are good enough to stop them. The zone is like watching us dye a slow death by getting picked apart little by little instead of possibly giving up one big play.