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superfan wrote:10-2 ranked in top 10-12 all year, lead nation in rushing and near or at top on defense and they don't deserve a bid??? would not hurt to have a little football knowledge and be a bit more supportive of the program. GEEZ
If i'm looking at KSU's resume, the one thing that stands out is we weren't able to win against the the good teams. Monmouth crushed us and we blew it against an FBS Kent State. We only have one decent win in Campbell and that was by 3 points.

Now one more observation, we are much better on offense with Tommy Bryant under center. I do think we will squeak into the playoffs and be given the benefit of the doubt. It does help that we have been able to make it to the quarter finals the past two years. But if it were up to me, and I'm a huge KSU fan, I wouldn't select us unless some crazy stuff happens next weekend.
Assuming we take care of business as expected against GW, I'd be shocked if we don't get an at-large bid. Yes, our schedule is weaker than many of the other teams. Yes, we have two losses against teams that we arguably should have beaten, but looking at the rest of the ranked teams it's not an uncommon theme.

That being said, I have doubts that we'll make it far this year. If Tommy Bryant can keep up his tremendous numbers and our defense reverts to the staunch D of the past, we'll have a fighting chance of winning a playoff game or two. But I'm unfortunately much less confident in our chances this year compared to last.
superfan wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:56 am
10-2 ranked in top 10-12 all year, lead nation in rushing and near or at top on defense and they don't deserve a bid??? would not hurt to have a little football knowledge and be a bit more supportive of the program. GEEZ
I've been here since before we even had a football program, and I paid into the program, while you've only been here for a year and all of your posts are conspicuously concerned with nothing but the DC and the defense, so I'd hold back on the personal shots if I were you. You post like you're the DC's wife.

The Coach's Poll means nothing. Those rankings mean nothing when you've got one of the absolute weakest schedules in the entire country. These things will be looked at by the committee.

The closest thing we have to a quality win is 6-4 Campbell, which has a sub-D1 win, a 2-point non-scholly win, and a 2 TD win against Presby, not to mention they needed the biggest last-minute clusterf### ever to beat GWU. And we barely won that one, and our D got embarrassingly pushed around and gave away quite a few highlights.

We'll slip in due to past success, but I'm praying we go against a running team in the first round of the playoffs.
all I see is all of your posts are negative, never positive, and some of those posts, are a bit silly. that being said, Bryant has been solid but he is not the future at QB. Murphy is the future. and I am not someone's wife. I am a retired gentleman, whom both played and coached football at high levels. I have watched a little film in my time and been very successful. I know football inside and out. It is a game played by kids, and ensuring they not make mistakes is extremely hard.
Coach Bohannon firmly believes his Owls are deserving to be in the FCS Championship Playoffs. His coaches, his players (100% of them), firmly believe they are deserving and will be ready to play a solid game with Gardner-Webb come Saturday.  It will be great if hundreds of supportive KSU fans show up Saturday for the Owl Walk.  Watching, and "high fiving," the players in their suits and ties, walking into the stadium, is a wonderful game day experience.  Give it a try and you will be hooked.  Go Owls!!!!

https://ksuowls.com/news/2019/11/20/foo ... -game.aspx  
Yeah, I'm never positive, you've gotta be kidding me. You've been here for less than a year, what do you know? How does an "old retired gentleman" even get an interest in KSU sports? You joined the day the current DC got hired, clearly there's an agenda here. Also, you're damn right when a team returns 19 (I believe it was) of 22 on its defensive 2-deep, and suddenly doesn't know how to tackle, get off blocks, cover receivers, and where they're supposed to be half the time, then I'm going to be questioning the coaching on that side of the ball. You're on here running the players down half the time, and I'm the one that's always negative? Yeah, all right. And yet another guy who thinks he's the only one on the internet who's ever played and coached the sport before, hilarious.

I'm really hoping this team goes out and shoves a foot up the @$$ of whatever SoCon team we match up against in the first round and completely proves me wrong. I've just got the distinct feeling that we're gonna get smoked, and Monmouth will take the same licking the first time they run into a non-PL/NEC team.