KSU football is here! Discuss anything pigskin related.
I know that is so true. And unfortunately, they are mostly fair weather fans... honestly, it will take us moving to the FBS where we can play/host larger games and get more coverage that will bring in more people to the game. Also, I firmly believe, that if make the stadium look like a stadium that team of kennesaws caliber as a football team and school would/should have, that would be more desirable to fans and bring more people to games. Also, that would bring even better recruits than we already are getting into the program. Top recruits want to play on top atmospheres. If they want to make this program the way that they envision it, they have to embrace it finally and put the money in. If not, we will continue to stay stagnant on fan base fronts.
nothing wrong with defensive schemes, just poor tackling and our safeties should get more picks. I felt they could have 4 in game just not breaking on ball. corners not very good either. some work to be done for sure, but keep i9n mind going into game ksu had number one defense in fcs. That should count for something. And offense was really bad as well. I think Monmouth was a lot better than people thought. They have been rolling over people all year on offense. lost to west Michigan and then montana which is ranked.