KSU football is here! Discuss anything pigskin related.
Can't be in Clinton for tomorrow's game....been under the weather all week so will have to watch the game on ESPN+.  Please let me suggest that you swing down to Anderson, SC and stop in the original Skin's Hot Dog location.  The dogs are the best and you will enjoy looking at all the photos on the walls of famous people who have stopped in the restaurant since 1946.  It's just a short drive to Clinton from Skin's.  Y'all have a safe trip and enjoy the game.  Go Owls!!!

Since 1946, nobody has cooked a hot dog quite like Skin Thrasher’s. With our special blend of pork and beef hot dogs and our family-friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder we’ve been featured in magazines and polls around the country. We’ve got something for everyone no matter who you are. Skin’s is the only place in town where you’ll find construction workers, lawyers, doctors, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and the San Diego Chicken. If that isn’t enough to prove that we bring everyone together, then how about our top 10 rankings in nationwide magazines such as Gourmet, Fortune, and Money. So come by one of our 12 locations and try our famous hot dogs today  




Another snooze-fest, unfortunately. I'm glad we don't have to play them anymore after this year.

The other games in the Big South are much more interesting to look at. We'll learn a lot about our conference this weekend. My picks:

KSU over Presby by a lot

Hampton will nip Campbell by a field goal. Campbell is improving, but too much is being made over their win against Mercer. Hampton takes it at home.

Chucky over UNA in a very close one. I think Chucky's improved, but they're still not good (it's concerning that we gave another bad QB a career game). The thing is, I'm just not impressed with UNA so far. I think Chucky takes them at home.

Monmouth takes out Gardner-Webb comfortably... but not TOO comfortably. It'll be closer than people think.
That was the most efficient and productive our offense has looked in a few weeks. Tommy Bryant brings more to our offense than David does, I believe. He is just more athletic. I watched the game on ESPN+ and It was hard to tell how serious Isaac’s injury was. Hopefully the air cast was more precautionary than necessary. Luckily, we have a bunch of athletes that we can use.