KSU football is here! Discuss anything pigskin related.
We should be favored but I think Charleston Southern's record is a little misleading:

Week 1 they got blown out by Furman (currently ranked #11)
Week 2 they got annihilated by U of SC (FBS)
Week 3 they lost a close one to NC A&T (currently ranked #14)
Week 4 they lost a close one to Citadel (who had just beaten GA Tech the week prior)
Week 5 they won against Savannah State

I haven't reviewed any of their footage but on paper it appears that after the two blowouts to start the season they've made improvements and have been competitive in their last three games, two of which were against decent opponents.

Hopefully our guys took full advantage of the bye week and will come back healthy and strong.
They seem to be pretty bad, but it's hard to tell for sure.

They got blown out in the first two weeks against good teams. Tough to say how good A&T is this season. The Citadel isn't good, Georgia Tech is just that awful this year. And Savannah State is... well, they are what they've always been, and now they're D2. Chuck had to come from behind just to win that one.

We just need to go out and play our game. Do that, and we win.
The offense really was off base in a way in which I do not think we have seen in a while. Especially coming back from an off week. However, I know it is inevitable that we are going to have those games where things just do not seem to click. We are young and are only getting better. It does speak on the depth of our talent that we can dominate a team that much while. It even playing our B level game. And I have to say that the pregame and stadium atmosphere is literally night and day from last year. We plug the laptop to the tv and watch the games that way (really is no different than if it were regularly televised) and you can hear/ see the energy in the crowd. It is awesome! I believe it is due to the great improvements the AThletic Department made in the pregame events such as tailgating this season. It is getting more people and especially students to the games with bodies painted plank signs! I mean it is just awesome! Good job!
On that note I know this is a little off topic, but i think it could start another good conversation I have seen on the Owl Howl. I really hope we make some renovations and/or expansions to the stadium. Make it feel and look like a true D1 football stadium that is home to a national powerhouse team. It is beautiful, but I believe having a larger stadium will bring even more fans in because it will create an even better football atmosphere. My wife and I went to the Reinhardt game and I was thinking about it during he weather delay. Liberty for example rxapanded there stadium to 20,000 even though they averaged something like 8 or 9 thousand a game. Their athletic director pretty much said, if you build it, they will come. And it was true. With a lolarger stadium we could host bigger games against better opponents even bring FBS school to our house like Georgia State. I think that would be the next thing we need to really take this program to the next level.