KSU football is here! Discuss anything pigskin related.
Will be interesting to see if we show a similar level of poise and discipline against a much more talented opponent. Glad the team was able to get game reps against a team they knew they could beat, but this game against Kent State will be a great barometer for us to see how this team compares to the 2018 squad. Will we be able to effectively move the ball inside with the new OL? How much stronger will our passing game actually be, all things considered? I expect the defense to be stout, but a game like this could highlight the effect of the staff turnover this offseason.

Really need to get the fumbles in check though - that was one of my biggest concerns heading into this season with #2 controlling the ball. Really excited about his skill set, and we know what he’s capable of, but hoping he can run the option much more effectively than he has shown in prior years.
My son and I will attend the game. Flying into Detroit Friday morning, spending night with my son and his family in Saline,Michigan. Saturday morning, my son and I will drive from Saline to Kent Sate (approx. 185 miles). We will arrive in time to tailgate and a stroll around campus. Go Owls!!

I cannot attend but I will be watching.

I was at the opener last weekend. I agree with Birdman that ball control is at a premium. We fumbled 6 times against Point! I also think our O-line is experiencing growing pains... there were a few too many occasions when Point's rushers penetrated untouched. Of course David didn't get a chance to air out the arm much but when he did he was dead accurate. That's a great sign.

On the defensive side of the ball, we looked great, though that was to be expected against a team like Point.
What's up with Bryson Armstrong? I noticed he was out... I saw him on the sideline wearing a gray jersey. Is he injured?
Seeing two QBs throw darts rather than rainbows last weekend was beautiful. Lost a lot of experience at WR, but love the potential we have to mix things up a bit more. And agree about Point’s rushers penetrating our OL too easily. Hope it’s just due to the unit being completely new and needing to get acquainted in a game situation, but definitely something that stood out.
Last year at this time I was hiking in Spain, this year I'm in Austria doing the same. Will be more active when I return in a couple of weeks.

As opposed to the Georgia State game last year, we are lucky for a couple of reasons. First, we got to work out some kinks in week 1 in a game we couldn't lose, and second, Kent doesn't get a whole offseason to prepare for the option. They'll get just one week.

With how inexperienced our offense is, we'll definitely be underdogs. But our defense should be good enough to keep us in the game, and who knows, maybe this year we'll have some breaks go our way. Go Owls!