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By CobbFC09
Found a post about this on r/CFB and thought it might lead to some good discussion.


The Owls land at #120 on the list with nearly $26m in revenue for 2018. What shocked me the most upon clicking on 2018 was how nearly 58% of the revenue was derived from student fees. Guessing this has to do with the increased fees to support bringing on football. Anything standout to you?
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By superfan
my take being a new fan is football has not gotten the huge fan base yet. That will come with continued success but takes time for a following to develop. That will lead to more ticket sales and more money coming in from donors. Just not there yet
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By FallenOwl
We should be very encouraged by this list. Quick notes
1. We are the highest Revenue and Spending in the Asun by $8+Million
2. We spend like a school in a bigger conference
3. We spend like a lot of FBS schools

What is holding us back (It is not the Money)
1. Kennesaw has to win in sports not named football. We have all the advantages in our conference we should be winning like we do.
2. FANS show up to sporting events. No matter how much the school spends, 12 people in the stands aren't getting us to the next level.
3. Students Show Up To The Games!
4. Admin, give the students a reason to show up.