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By BurialGround
I don't really see much stopping us from a third straight title, at least not next year.

We get Charleston Southern first. I figured that they'd decline after Chadwell left, but I never thought it would happen as suddenly and drastically as it did. Following two awful seasons, Tucker has resigned and Chuck is in turmoil. Gotta think, regardless of who they hire, they're in for a really rough time next season. Amazing that they team we thought would be our greatest competition for the conference crown going forward will likely be middle of the pack next year. We should win easily and make it clear to the rest of the conference that we're not in a rebuilding year.

Second is Presby. Well, they'll have even fewer scholarships than last year. Won't be competitive.

UNA next. Second season playing D1 ball, first season playing a conference schedule. Should be at full scholarships, though most of their players were recruited to play D2. They had a decent (but not great) season last year, where they played a lot of D2 teams. Got curb-stomped by Campbell. Maybe you can attribute some of their bad results to the fact that they weren't playing for anything. But until they beat a Big South team, I won't be convinced. Their fans seem optimistic though. Very interesting match-up, because this should turn into a good rivalry. Might be our biggest competition in the near future.

Monmouth. No de facto conference championship game this year. They lose their big-time WR, but otherwise return most of their play-makers, including QB and a stable of RBs. I believe they lose a lot up front on both sides though, and that'll mean big problems against us. At home, it should be another mashing, but they've got some players. Can't take them lightly.

@Campbell. Adding their second scholarship class will help a lot. They were better than expected last year. Could make noise this year. On the road, this could be a trap game following Monmouth. But we should be way too talented. Campbell will continue to improve rapidly as a program. We should have the conference wrapped up at this point.

@Hampton. It's nice to have another new team on the schedule, and I'm glad to see them in the Big South. But they got destroyed by Monmouth and Chuck last year and only squeeked past Presby by 1. This shouldn't be close.

Gardner-Webb. They're due for a good season about now, right? RIght? Maybe they'll be a sleeper. But they won't get between us and a national seed.

I'm very interested in seeing what the final non-conference schedule looks like. I'm already very excited for next season.
By corn_3024
Next season will be a lot less about the opponent and more about us. We lose 9 of 11 on offense. Multiple 3-4 year starters. We lose essentially the entire defensive coaching staff. I've always said we'll be fine if we keep Bo and coach K.

The Big South is trending in the correct direction imo. I think Monmouth, Campbell, and tUNA have good years. G-WEbb will be better. The rest is in trouble.
By Owlzfan84
I'm happy we get a little scrimmage before we play Kent State. That's the only game i'm 50/50 about on our schedule. But it's a game we can win.
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By EveryTimeIDom
Owlzfan84 wrote:
Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:07 pm
I'm happy we get a little scrimmage before we play Kent State. That's the only game i'm 50/50 about on our schedule. But it's a game we can win.
Agreed. Every other game we should be favored. Doing some quick research on Kent State, their coach is in his second season and their only win last season was at home against Howard (FCS). I feel like they're on par with GA State, so winnable for sure.
By 100Proof
Conference is ours to lose imo but it's a huge test for the program to see how they handle losing so much talent for the first time really ever.

Love playing @ Kent State but the home schedule kind of sucks. Plan on being at Opening Day but Point and Reinhardt? Snooze fest. Will have to win conference games in convincing fashion or beat Kent State to impress the committee.

Can't wait. August needs to hurry up!
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By CobbFC09
Starting to look at the away games and determine which ones I can go to. Anyone planning on making the trip to Springfield for the Missouri State game?
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By superfan
going to springfield as visiting brother and sister in arkansas that week. taking all of them to game