KSU football is here! Discuss anything pigskin related.
By dancingowl
corn_3024 wrote:Our rival is JSU. It was supposed to be Chuck South..but Tucker took care of that.

I figured that JSU would be our rival. I attended the game at SunTrust and really enjoyed the matchup. I still think having an instate rival would be better but it's tricky with the conferences.
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By KingOwl
A freshman sent me this on Twitter

1) More announcements about games. Most of the time we never know when there’s a game until day of. The only time I really knew there was a game was when there was a small sign outside of central deck. These usually went up the day before too. By Then it’s to late to plan anything out with friends

2) tailgating on campus. KSU place, ARC, and maybe UV definitely has enough space for us tailgate then head over to the game

3. You’ve already said it but weekends are always dead. Barely seeing people around and everything being closed just makes me want to stay home

4. RAs for on campus housing, especially for freshmen should be more vocal about games and going.

5. Owl TV can post highlights from each game or even play replays. We have so many TVs around campus and all they play is the same 3 slides about something no one cares for. We can even use it to show off the student section
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By jjohnson335
I know this is late, but I really hope we make some renovations and/or expansions to the stadium. Make it feel and look like a true D1 football stadium that is home to a national powerhouse team. It is beautiful, but I believe having a larger stadium will bring more fans in because it will create a better football atmosphere. Liberty for example rxapanded there stadium to 20,000 even though they averaged something like 8 or 9 thousand a game. Their athletic director pretty much said, if you build it, they will come. And it was true. With a lolarger stadium we could host bigger games against better opponents even bring FBS school to our house