KSU Hoops past and present!
Thursday Jan. 9 7:30 at Lipscomb
Thursday Jan. 16 7:00 at Florida Gulf Coast
Saturday Jan. 18 4:00 at NJIT

Would be nice to get a road win. FGCU or NJIT might be opportunities.

Seems like we have 8 players available, but I will be looking for Hooker and Spencer to possibly return.
Hooker is expected to return for the Lipscomb game. This is from ksuowls.com:

“The redshirt-senior eyes a comeback to the court Thursday on a return to the Music City after missing the last four games with an orbital fracture”

Nice word choice... he EYES a comeback
We have a consensus -- Pomeroy, Sagarin, AND Massey all rate KSU as the 346th best (worst?) team in the country.

Sagarin -- 13 point underdog
Bookies -- 14 point underdog
Massey -- 17 point underdog

On the bright side, Massey gives KSU a solid 7% chance of pulling off the upset.
I noticed that about Hooker and Lewis in the box score too. Lipscomb is beatable when we get them at home. AAR said 4 players had the flu and when you look at the minutes distribution I would guess Kuerban, Washington, Pietro, and Romich.

We dont have any sense of urgency. It seems we play better when we play with nothing to lose late in the game...
If you look at the stats, a pretty good game for the Owls. The difference was we got beat handily on the boards giving Lipscomb more shots. Also Lipscomb was able to convert a high percentage of 3s.

I like the way the Owls don’t give up. Under Skinner we would have thrown in the towel and not finished those games .... but as others have said why can’t we muster that energy sooner in the contest and make those games wins?

The mask did not seem to bother Hooker. Maybe he should not take it off even when cleared by the medical team. Can the pep band play Phantom if the Opera for home games?

As for Lipscomb, I was wondering if they would be good after losing many seniors and a new coach. They are good. Asadulla is a grown man and Buckland a sharpshooter. The coach, a former D2 coach, is good with the X’s and 0’s. They are beatable but you better bring a good game to challenge them.
No game for the Owls this weekend, which may present an opportunity to get some guys healthy.

If Hooker and J Lewis play like they did against Lipscomb, there is no need to take the off the court. We do miss Spencer’s rebounding and D.
Executive summary:

If last night was a home game we'd be eating biscuits today.

Massey's computer was impressed by the Owls effort last night -- and upgraded our chances of beating Liberty on the road from 0% to 1%.

The plural of bison is bison.