Sturgisgate Is Here and I am a Truther

A good fun break from all the basketball drama…. 

Here’s an interesting little rumor I heard from a good source (Update: THREE sources now. This is real)…we might have two birds! I decided to look into the claim and after reviewing the evidence, I am a truther. I believe that there are actually TWO Owls that portray the character of Sturgis! Or maybe they are both actually named Sturgis? I believe that we have all been getting the Mary Kate and Ashley treatment, so from what it looks like, whichever Sturgis is chosen that day gets to make the appearances. 

There are some pictures where the Owl (I don’t know who Sturgis actually is anymore!) appears to have different color patterns. I’m not an expert on Eurasian Owls, but I did some quick research and saw nothing about color changing to fit the seasons or color changing as the Owl ages. I tried my best to find pictures where the lighting is pretty neutral. 

Here’s what I believe is Owl #1. He has much more white on the front of his body up towards his head.

Here is Owl #2, notice the white is gone or not as prominent. 

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