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By bb_fan
if skinner paid players then the boosters need to demand a refund. :)

under lallathin's watch a rogue booster bought a lavish lunch for 4 players at cracker barrel and got change back from his $20 bill. obviously a groupon was involved. i'm going to assume the waitress was told to "keep the change".

that was the definition of a "strong ass offer" from ksu a few years ago.
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By bb_fan
i've been thinking about how difficult it is going to be for skinners assistants to find their next job. obviously, their experience at ksu is not much of a resume builder and skinner is (almost certainly) retired and won't have a next job to bring his assistants with him.

assuming the news that ben hicks is out at georgia southwestern is correct...someone upstairs is looking after stephen cox. that has to be his job to lose. no brainer for both parties.

i'd hate to move from acworth to americus -- but when ya got a family to feed...
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By bb_fan
i read on the KSU website that AAR hired griffin mchone as director of operations.

that can't be true. i read on twitter that the position was going to filled by student volunteers.
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By WingMan
KingOwl wrote:
Sat May 25, 2019 10:23 pm
Amir cut Mbuyamba from the team. Mbuyamba will likely stay at KSU as a student.
This is disappointing. Isaac is a extremly hard worker and he plays with alot of passion. Those or some intagibles that don't show up on the stats.

By my very unofffical count, the Owls have 9 scholarship players returning and 2 commits (Jamie Lewis and Armani Harris), so this leaves 2 scholarships open. I know there are couple of new uncommitted recruits in the mix, but it would be extra bad if 1-2 scholarships go unfilled after Isaac M and Juka Jaksic, an incoming freshman signee, have been cut loose.
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By bb_fan
bb_fan wrote:
Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:22 pm
i'd like to say the AAR has said and done all the right things since the announcement.

but if what i read is true -- that KSU under skinner offered a scholarship to a local kid and AAR just yanked it -- i can't.

that's bullshit.
congrats to luka jasik who after AAR yanked the commitment KSU previously made to him, ended up at a much better basketball program. presbyterian (20-16) was ranked 213 by sagarin. (KSU, of course, was 6-26 and ranked 342). presbyterian also participated in a post season tourney, reaching the 3rd round of the CIT.

i guess AAR couldn't relate to a player who was MVP of his team AND his schools valedictorian.

shame on you, AAR.