KSU Hoops past and present!
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By bb_fan
interesting stat -- KSU was undefeated at home when attendance was over 1,000. unfortunately, it only happened twice; 1,203 for tennessee tech and 1,100 for NJIT.

attendance for 2018-19 was disappointing. total attendance 11,130 over 14 games for an average of 795 per game.

for comparison, total attendance for 2017-2018 was 16,056 also over 14 games for an average was 1,147 per game.

that's a 31% decrease in attendance last year.

quick and dirty; assuming an average ticket price of $10 then gross ticket sales totaled $111,300 last year.
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By bb_fan
of all the absolute nonsense i've read on twitter about our next basketball coach, the addition of mike helfer of valdosta is the first one that actually makes sense.

if he wants to leave valdosta KSU would be lucky to have him.
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By WingMan
OK KSU, hire a coach already!

Here is what I imagine the to do list of a new coach would look like:

Meeting with current players
Contact offered recruits
Hire staff
Meet with boosters
Hold press conference
Fill vacant scholarship positions
Meet area High School and AAU coaches
Recruit for future years
Move into office
Move family

I am sure there is a bunch of stuff I am missing. The longer the delays the long it will take to get the program right. Let get this done.