Training Camp Day 1 Summary: New Numbers Are Up

Camp has started and there’s a lot to go through today. I’ll start off with posting the jersey switches. The most interesting switches to me are OL Brandon Sutton going from #55 to #80 and TE Kyle Arrasmith going from #80 to #92. Could these moves signal that Sutton is moving to TE and Arrasmith to DL? Just speculation on my part. 

QB Tommy Bryant (Freshman)- Given #5
CB Akebran Ralls (R-So.)- Came in as #21 as a freshman, left the team, came back as #13 and now is #6. Last worn by QB Jantzen Jeffrey
WR Ezra Naylor (Freshman)- Given #7
QB Jantzen Jeffrey (R-Jr.)- Was #6 and is now #13. Switched with Ralls.

WR Tremayne Trawick (R-Jr.)- Was #85 and is now #17. Will make it easier to differentiate he and Sumpter. #17 was previously worn by RB Jonah Huff.
CB Duronte Carter (R-Jr.)- Was #31, switched to #18. Worn last year by safety Shawn Reynolds, who is no longer with the team.
DB Jai’len Edwards (Freshman)- Given #19 and will share with DB Cole Crenshaw
RB Brandon Simmons (Freshman)- Given #27. Worn by RB Joseph Alexander last season. 
RB Sam Outlaw (Freshman)- Given #28. Worn last year by safety Will Cape who is no longer with the team.
S Dustin Clabough (Freshman)- Given #30. Worn last year by punter Mason Gann, who is no longer with the team.

CB Adesola Abisoya (Freshman)- Given #31. Last worn by Duronte Carter this spring and DB William Flowers last season.
LB Bryson Armstrong (Freshman)- Given #42. Worn last season by Peter Rohan and Jonah Doster. 
DB Terrance Bulock (R-So)- Switched from 46 to 35. Worn by DB Raymone Jennings last season.
RB Jonah Huff (R-So)- Switched from 34 last season, to 17 this spring and is now at #36, which was worn by Che’Darious Robinson last season.
RB Shaq Terry (Freshman)- Given #37. Worn by Michael McIntire last season.
LB Chris Byrd (Freshman)- Given #46. Worn by Terrance Bulock and Raindy Nails last season.
DT Luther Jones (R-So.)- UPDATE: Number change was an error. He still wears #65
OL Forrest Evans (Freshman)- Given #50. This number is also worn by DL Justin Haney.
LB Brenton Wimberly (Jr?)- Given #54. This number was worn by Kyron Minter last season.
LB Bronson Rechsteiner (Freshman)- Given #55. This number was worn by OL Brandon Sutton last season.
LB Desmond Johnson (R-Fr.)- Switched from #69 to #59. Demetrius James wore #59 last season.
OL E.J. Hurley (R-Fr.)- Switched to #68 from #75. He will share #68 with Dallas McGee.
OL Nick Eldridge (Freshman)- Given #75. This number was worn by E.J. Hurley last season.
OL Zach Thompson (Freshman)- Given #78. This number was worn by Richard Fawole last season.
OL Brandon Sutton (R-So.). Switched from #55 to #80. This number was worn by TE Kyle Arrasmith last season.
WR Dorian Miles (Freshman). Given #85. This number was worn by Tremayne Trawick last season.
K/P Christian Kinsley (Freshman). Given #87. This number was worn by Miles McGinty last season.
DE Abdul Davis (Freshman). Given #91. This number was worn by Mason Harris last season.
DL Keyani Grier. Switched from #92 to #89

TE Kyle Arrasmith (R-Fr). Switched from #80 to #92
DE Allen Johnson (Freshman). Given #97. This number was worn by Benjamin Otiwu last season.
DT James Addyman (Freshman). Given #99. This number was worn by lineman Joseph Alexander Jr. last season.

If you missed it from last night, Coach Bohannon gave three seniors full ride scholarships. Not only does this help the deserving seniors, but it will improve KSU’s graduation rate and the program’s APR. You can watch the video of the ceremony here (also embedded below). Oh yeah, CB Dante Blackmon won the Iron Owl Award for best performance in the weight room. 

Here are the notes from Day 1 from

“After a day of meeting and prep on Sunday, the Kennesaw State Owls were finally back on the practice field Monday to officially begin the program’s second Training Camp. The Owls will spend the next two weeks preparing for the 2016 season before classes begin at KSU on August 15.

There were 94 Owls at The Perch on Monday morning as practice began under hot and humid conditions. KSU began the day with breakfast, treatment and positional meetings before a spirited practice of 24 periods that began at 9:45 a.m. The remainder of Monday’s schedule included lunch, team meetings and dinner.

“It was a good feeling getting back,” said senior RB Micah Reed. “Yesterday’s meeting was a big step for this season and establishing our goals and where we want to be. It was a fun atmosphere yesterday to get back with the coaches and my teammates and establishing a game plan for this year. It feels a lot different than last year. The growth on this team has grown tremendously.”

The team practices again Tuesday morning without pads, will move to shells on Wednesday and Thursday and then strap on the full pads for the first time on Friday.”


Doug Roberson of the AJC did a recap of Day 1 of camp. You can read the notes here.

Some interviews from the official website. 

Some pictures from the @KennesawStFB Twitter

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