Owl Howl Exclusive Interview: Brett Peabody

Coach Brett Peabody of Long Beach City College in California,was nice enough to answer some questions about a few of his players who committed to KSU last week. You can read more about them from my blog posts on OL Jeremiah Paulo and QB Jonathan Murphy. 

Coach Peabody’s Bio

Q: Hey Coach, thanks for taking some time to chat with me today. Start off by giving a little introduction and telling everybody about your program.

My staff and I inherited the program in 2013. LBCC went 0-10 in 2012. Sad, because the program has a tremendous history. Our 1st year we went 4-6. From 2014-2017 we went 36-9, winning 4 bowl games and 3 straight conference titles (2015 – 2017). This year was rough, we lost 20 players to season ending injuries, and we finished 4 – 6. Despite the tough season, I was proud of my guys, they competed their butts off every week.

Q: KSU recently got commitments from QB Jonathan Murphy and OL Jeremiah Paulo. Let me ask the obvious question – how did KSU find your guys all the way in California? Was it somebody throwing around film online and something caught the Owls coaches attention, or is there a tie to the Owls coaching staff?

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure that out (laughter). Jeremiah told me they were showing interest in him. We are well known for having top talent and transferring about a dozen young men to FBS/FCS schools every year. I need to ask Coach Klein how they found him. Coach Klein and I later connected and we discussed Jeremiah. I then did more research on your program, because I previously just knew that Kennesaw had been winning, I just didn’t know much more than that. As soon as I discovered that the Owl offense put the ball in the hands of the QB, making decisions, running the triple option, I immediately sent Coach Klein Jonathan’s JC and high school films, and I KNEW that he was a perfect fit.

Q: Let’s start with QB Jonathan Murphy. It looks like he was a true freshman in 2018 – and he’s leaving after 1 year of college. Most JUCO guys stay 2 or 3 years. Can you clarify his situation and his remaining eligibility?

We get our kids out as fast as they’re able. Last year we had 5 freshmen sign with FBS/FCS schools. Lots of young men fall through the cracks out here. Jonathan has his redshirt plus three playing years remaining. Jonathan, was a qualifier coming out of Westchester High School, and he’s one of those “fell through the crack”, plus he’s not of “perfect height”, and I am still trying to figure out what “perfect height” is.

Q: If I was going to recruit Jonathan, what would your elevator speech be?

Exceptional playmaker, great with his legs, runs like a RB throws like a QB. Very confident, but extremely humble, loves to compete, loves to put in work, and loves to train. Jonathan has a pretty release and a live arm, he’s extremely coachable, and all of his coaches and teammates love him. Jonathan grew weekly in the passing game. He’s tough as nails.

Q: It looks like he’s had some experience with the zone read, but going to a triple option will be a learning curve. How do you think Jonathan fits in with what we do?

In actuality, there is a ton of similarity between the reads and decision making that a QB must make in both multiple zone read offenses and the triple option. We run a wide variety of “read” plays, Murph, as we like to call him, mastered them all. Some of the reads in the triple will occur faster, but Murph is very bright and loves film study, he’s a no excuses guy. He’s not a rah rah guy, but a natural leader that guys gravitate to, an guys will want to play for him.Your staff has evaluated him well, he has a chance to be very special in your offense.

Q: Transitioning over to the OL with Jeremiah Paulo. He’s a 6’1” 300 pound interior lineman. What’s your elevator speech if I was a coach asking about Jeremiah?

You need him. His on field talent, his personality, sense of humor, character, his impact at practice and in the locker room are must haves. If he were taller, he’d be off to a ‘Bama, Georgia or USC.  When it comes to explosiveness and athleticism and violence, nobody has more.

Q: Jeremiah has to be a pretty special player for the Owls to go to California to get him. But Kennesaw State has luck with JUCO linemen from your area, recruiting Malik Letatau 5 years ago. What caught KSU’s eye with Jeremiah, as to why they would recruit him over perhaps a local guy in Georgia?

Have you seen his film? (laughter) It looks like it’s a movie, people getting wrecked by a 6 foot wrecking ball, guys like him are hard to find, again, he’s just not tall.  As great as a kid as he is, he takes tremendous pride in destroying his competitors, he’s a true road grader.

Q: Which positions on the line did Jeremiah play for you and what do you think his best position(s) will be going forward?

Good grief, where didn’t; he play. He primarily started at LG for us, his freshman year he got some time at center. This year, when our monster LT broke his leg, Jeremiah bumped out to LT and was dominant. Several coaches want to make him a center, I see it and I get it, he can do it, but I LOVE him at guard, get him moving around and blasting people.

Q: It sounds like Jeremiah is a great fit for KSU. 

Yes, he sure is, KSU wants great players, vicious O – linemen and men of character, Jeremiah checks all boxes.

Q: Did KSU ever visit in-person to recruit your guys, or was the evaluation done via game film and talking to your staff and the players themselves?

I believe that the staff is coming out West soon to meet both families.

Q: Are the Owls looking at any of your other guys right now?

Nope, just these two, but I do have a couple of great DB’s if they have a JC need.

Q: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!!

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