Know your PWO: Cade Loden

The scholarship players that sign binding letters of intent are often featured on signing day on Kennesaw State’s official website. Preferred Walk-Ons (PWO) are non-binding and don’t receive scholarship money, and they don’t really get any mention from the official website until they step foot on campus in the summer. Many are just names on a roster until they prove themselves on the field. 

I usually don’t feature PWOs, because you never know who’s going to make it, and who’s going to bow out 3 days into camp. I’d like to put some attention on Camden High School’s Cade Loden, because he’s the brother of Cole Loden, an Owls DB who got quite a bit of playing time last season. 

Cade chose KSU over Presbyterian College. He is a 6’1″ 180 DB, and is a high academic student athlete with a 4.0 GPA, 1280 SAT, and 23 ACT.

Camden Head Coach Bob Sphire: “Cade Loden is an extremely intelligent athlete who has his best football ahead of him. As a key performer in our program, he was responsible for a lot of the calls on the field. He has much room for growth physically over the next couple of years. He will be a hard worker, who picks up on schemes quickly and will have a chance to evolve into a performer on game day as he physically matures.”

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