Guest Column: Jeff Benedict Gives His Take on the Football Program

Jeff Benedict

Jeff Benedict

Hopefully a regular feature on the Owl Howl will be Jeff Benedict voicing his opinions. For those of you who don’t know, Jeff is a 2013 graduate of Kennesaw State who spent two years under scholarship managing the men’s basketball team from 2009-2011. He is now a producer for 92.9 The Game in Atlanta. 

I’ll warn you guys now, Jeff doesn’t pull any punches, and I mean that. He calls it how he sees it. If you agree/disagree, Jeff will be willing to take all rebuttals/comments on our message boards in this thread, so be sure to sign up for free. 

DISCLAIMER: The following is the sole opinion of Jeff Benedict and it does not accurately reflect my (KingOwl’s) views. 

For the past three years I was “enemy numero uno” in the eyes of our Athletic Department. I have used my platform on social media and in radio to call attention to the issues I see with coaches and administration. I never said anything out of spite but out of concern for an athletic department that I worked with for a few years. Now that issues have been resolved within the men’s basketball department I see some MAJOR issues in regard to football. We are four and a half months away from National Signing Day and our program has one verbal commit. After watching the scrimmage during Homecoming this is alarming to me. During the scrimmage, the OL/DL are small and the team as a whole looks more D3 than FCS level as far as speed of the game. It honestly reminded me of the Spring Scrimmage I held a couple years ago as head coach of the club football team.

Bohannon’s first signing class, led by Jaquez Parks, was fantastic. Would have liked a few more OL/DL but other than that, it was a great class. My concern is that there does not seem to be much follow up. Schools build great classes by visits and word of mouth these days. Parks is the reigning AJC State Player of the Year. You mean to tell me no one wants to come play with him? The state’s leading rusher is junior Russell Halimon at Allatoona High school. No one on this staff has been there to see the 5’10 180lb RB play. Through the 6 full games he has played, he has 1475 rushing yards. Using an offense predicated on running the ball, you would think someone would get up there to see him. One of the state’s best receiving and blocking tight ends is junior Dylan Autenrieth at North Paulding HS. The 6’5 225lb TE has not received any attention from anyone on our staff. Cobb County alone is filled with OL/DL, yet I am not aware of any that have received so much as a letter.

I have a friend in the NFL that played for Bohannon while at Georgia Tech, says he is a great coach and players love him. Compared him to coaches like Swinney at Clemson and Richt at UGA. That is a great quality to have, but what is missing? I am not calling for any action to be taken in regard to this staff, yet. However, recruiting needs to be addressed in a hurry. College athletics is a 24/7/365 job, which is why many fail at it. If the last 6 months are any indication our program could be in trouble for years to come. We kickoff in less than a year, I hope for this new fan base’s sake, things start to pick up and develop quickly. If not, they wont need to worry about any renovations to Fifth Third Bank Stadium.

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