Burks Putting Up Top Numbers–On a National Scale


On Friday night, future Owl Chandler Burks faced his best opponent to date in 42nd ranked Allatoona and he responded by going 24-32 for 391 yards in the air with 4 TDs while rushing 15 times for 116 yards and 2 TDs in a 48-45 win.

So far on the season he is one of the top passers in the COUNTRY, with 1202 passing yards, which is good for 100th in the nation in total passing yards, even though 65 of those above him have played in more games. He ranks 72nd in America in passing yards per game among quarterbacks who have played at least three games.


Even more impressive is that he is ranked NINTH in the country in total yards per game for players who have played in at least three contests.


You can view all the statistics yourself right here. (All statistics are courtesy of MaxPreps.com .)

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