Preston To Return at Season’s End?

Well, you guys have been wondering, and here is the official answer. Copied and pasted directly off of…

KENNESAW, Ga.  – Kennesaw State Director of Athletics Vaughn Williams announced on Tuesday (Jan. 28) that head men’s basketball coach Lewis Preston will return to the program following the conclusion of the 2013-14 season.
Preston, in his third year as head coach, took a leave of absence for medical and personal reasons on Jan. 2. Associate head coach Jimmy Lallathin is currently serving as interim head coach.
“I feel that it is in the best interest of Kennesaw State men’s basketball that Lewis returns to coaching the team at the conclusion of this season,” Williams said. “I have the utmost confidence in this program, and that the current student-athletes, assistant coaches and Coach Preston will take this program in the right direction.”

Take it for what it’s worth. I mean who really knows what’s going on, because I certainly don’t.

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  1. KSU Alumni Nat says:

    I am for one excited to hear Coach Preston will be back. In this world of winners and losers we sometimes forget it is far more important to be a role model of strength and stabilty to build something positive than to just keep switching and searching for a quick success story. Coach P and Mr Williams are both upstanding men and have not only winning to consider but creating positive and longlasting results as well. It takes time, patience, talent and luck. Oh and I coached college footballl and won a National Championship so I think I have a little knowledge of what winning and losing takes.

  2. OWLINSIDER says:

    Well when your one of the worst programs in D-1 basketball for 3 straight years the future is not promising.

  3. Whodini says:

    I was preparing to enter a post on this blog when I read the posting of KSU Nat. I AGREE WITH THIS POST 100%. I could not have have done a better job of expressing why I too am excited by hearing that Coach Preston will be returning to the team. Most people and bloggers are either unaware or have forgotten about all of the challenges that Coach P inherited/faced. Coach Preston has made tremendous progress addressing the off court challenges and I believe that NEXT YEAR will show the on court progress that we all so badly desire. Next year will show that Vaughn and KSU have the right man leading their basketball program. Coach — I hope that your health is getting better. KSU BB Team — Dig in now and show the naysayers a glimpse of the future. GO OWLS!!!!

    • KSU Alumni Nat says:

      Thanks Whodini. I personally have stood in the convocation center for hours and watch Preston run team practice and one on one drills with players who had no business being in a D1 program but his passion to still be there showed and put his all in to them and I know he will continue to do so until some high polluting know it all convinces the right person that KSU should be Duke even though we are fresh 4 years deep into a Division 1 Program. It takes time.

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