Owl Howl Interview: Kendrick Ray

I briefly interviewed future KSU guard Kendrick Ray last week, but before you read that, check out this post from March 26th to learn a little about him.


KSUOwlHowl: So Kendrick, you’re from the Bronx, grew up Middletown New York and went to college in Connecticut, how did Kennesaw St. find you all the way up there?

Ray: This guy I workout with, Dwight, he’s from Jersey and I left Quinnipiac and I went to go workout with him. He has a good relationship with Coach Lallathin and Athletic Director Vaughn Williams; he talked to Kennesaw and that’s how they found out about me.

KSUOwlHowl: Did KSU come see you, did you see them, how did that work?

Ray: They saw some film on me and then I went to go see them. I visited the campus about a month ago.

KSUOwlHowl: So this is a very recent thing.

Ray: Correct

KSUOwlHowl: Why did you decide to transfer from Quinnipiac?

Ray: I felt like I wasn’t getting the same opportunities as everybody else on the team.

KSUOwlHowl: Are you looking to play off of the ball or do you prefer to have the ball in your hands?

Ray: When I got to Quinnipiac I wanted to play point guard, and they tried switching me to the 2 guard and I really wasn’t happy with that. I like having the ball in my hands and making plays for myself and my teammates at the same time. If you need me to pass, I’ll pass, if you need me to score I’ll score.

KSUOwlHowl: Do you think you’re better taking the ball to the basket or shooting the three?

Ray: Taking the ball to the rim.

KSUOwlHowl: Has being around your brother Allan, who has played in the NBA, been beneficial?

Ray: Yeah it’s helped me a lot. Just talking to me and being there for me. He gives me a lot of tips and a lot of plans that help me get my game better.

KSUOwlHowl: Will you be on scholarship this season?

Ray: Still working on that right now, but I definitely will be for the season after this next one.

KSUOwlHowl: When will you be eligible and how long?

Ray: I’ll be eligible for the 2015-16 season. I’ll be guaranteed two years but I’m working on three because I really didn’t play a lot this season at Quinnipiac. I played two minutes so I’m working on a hardship waiver to get that year back.

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  1. CoachK205 says:

    Haven’t met Kendrick Ray yet, but the Players says he’s the Real Deal…..definitely will help the Owls

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