NKU’s Jackson To Redshirt: Agree or Disagree?

Northern Kentucky’s Chad Jackson, who averaged 10 points per game last season is going to redshirt this season…here are some excerpts from TheNortherner.com.
“Since reclassifying to Division I, NKU athletic teams have to wait four years before they are able to participate in the actual NCAA tournament. This rule could soon be reduced to two-years, according to men’s basketball head coach Dave Bezold.
Bezold said he doesn’t think having Jackson on the floor this season would significantly help the team that much more in the big picture, even though at certain times it could. He said it would have a bigger impact if there were at least two to three upperclassmen that sat out for the season.
Bezold said if he had five seniors, and there was a one percent chance that the change would happen, he’d redshirt every one of them, because what the NCAA has done to these kids is unfair. “The NCAA experience for all student athletes isn’t the same,” Bezold said. “I would redshirt every one of them, even if we lost every game this year. I would still do it because it would only be fair to them.”


What’s everybody think about…

1. A coach openly stating that losing a player who scored 10 points per game wouldn’t make much of a difference in the big picture.
2. Chad Jackson sitting out for a season based on a chance. Is that fair to the other players who want to win right now? What do you think they think of a guy sitting on the bench who could help them right away?
3. Coach Bezold stating he would redshirt every senior he had (hypothetically), based on a 1% chance, that they would be tournament eligible. “What the NCAA has done to these kids is unfair.”

My take

1. “Wouldn’t make much difference in the big picture”…so if the big picture that Bezold is focusing on right now is the NCAA tournament, then what’s the point of this coming season? NKU shouldn’t even play any games then…just go home. If NKU returned a bunch of experienced/successful players or brought in a handful of transfers AND they were guaranteed to be eligible next season then I would probably agree that they should look at the big picture. The eldest players this season are junior Jordan Jackson who has no D1 experience and redshirt sophomores Jake Giesler and Jalen Billups who have very limited D1 experience. The rest of the players are returning sophomores and freshmen. Sounds to me like some freshmen could be thrown into the deep end, and I hope for Bezold’s sake that they can swim.

2. NKU might know something we don’t because it sure sounds like they are confident that the rules will change. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but Mercer and ETSU leaving the conference gives the A-Sun only 7 full members (NKU excluded) which I believe is the minimum necessary to ensure an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament without obtaining a waiver from the NCAA. But back to Jackson…I understand the rationale that CJ could possibly help more next year in the big scheme of things, but if I were a men’s basketball player on the Norse, I certainly wouldn’t be happy if there was somebody sitting out when they are eligible to play. I wonder how the players REALLY feel about this right now and how they will feel during the middle of conference play when Jackson is out there tearing it up on the practice court and wearing street clothes during the real games. 

3. Bezold saying that he would redshirt every senior he has is pretty extreme and I believe it’s all talk because with his young roster he knows he won’t have to deal with that for awhile. I agree that having to wait four years is unfair, but you know what, Kennesaw State had to do it too just a few years back. Each and every player that Northern Kentucky has signed since 2012 knew that they (possibly) won’t be eligible until the 2016-17 season. So whether fair or not, the kids know what they are getting into. Lastly, Chad Jackson started his career at James Madison University and from everything I can find online, he left on his own volition. This was back before NKU announced it was definitely going D1…but if his “dream,” like the article says, is to play in the NCAA tournament then he would not have made he move to NKU in the first place.

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