Kent State Post Game Report (L 58-46)

WingMan posted his thoughts on the Kent State game on the message boards, which I have copied and pasted below. You can sign up for free and start posting today! 

“I watched the game vs. Kent State this afternoon and here are my thoughts. This is the first game I was able to watch in person this year.

+ The energy and fight of the team is far above what I have seen in past seasons. The guys were scrapping for every loose ball.

+ Defense was very good, no shot went uncontested.

+ Everyone stayed out of foul trouble (more on this later….)

+ Kent St. is a very good and athletic team. The Owls kept it close the entire game and never let the game get out of reach. As spectator it was a good game to watch.

– The FG% was low at 32%. We were taking good shots for the most part. A number of shots hit all sorts of iron before ending outside of the cup on a bad bounce. We only scored 19 points in the 2nd half.

– Crowd was OK (about 1000), but I would like to see more support, particularly from the students. You have a good team here, get behind them.

– I believe I heard in the FIU game Nate Rucker went out with an apparent injured shoulder. He did not dress out. I would have a been a good matchup to see him play against similarly athletic Kent State bigs. Damien and Charlie were not dressed as well.

I found the officiating interesting. My general complaint against officiating in the last 2 years, is the refs call every little hand check which interrupts the plan and it makes boring to watch. From what I read, this is how the NCAA wants it. Not this game, it was very physical and relatively few fouls were called. On a number of occasions, a travelling violation was called when a player, in the process of begin significantly hacked, shuffled his feet.

On other occasions no whistle was blown after a mugging. I will say this about the refs, it was pretty consistently called game on both ends of the floor, but as a partisan Kennesaw fan, I did get more upset when the Owls were being clobbered.

Next up for the Owls, a big challenge at #23 Butler before taking a break to take care of finals.”

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